Weekly Update 4th December

  1. A discussion was held on the feedback from the Athens game. It was felt there was a lack of BHAFC officials after the teargas incident. This is following similar feedback from the Marseille game when fans were held back with no communication.
  2. Agenda items for the second FAB meeting were discussed and are to be sent to the club
  3. Rainbow laces event at Crawley the FAB offered their services to support this and await feedback
  4. FAB recruitment, comments were made on Nigels draft. Inclusion of the FSA was considered as a good idea
  5. Inbox monitor for the week – Clive
  6. The fan zone FAB involvement. Still awaiting planning feedback before we can understand our role
  7. Webinar / FAB – FAN engagement. It was agreed that this should proceed. Gerry will lead on this
  8. DSA update – The FAB team are meeting this Friday with the Club
  9. Flag crowd funding – Appreciate that Dec and Jan not a great time for fund raising. Get peoples thought and get some better designs from Dogma NSK etc.
Posted on: December 4, 2023