UK Football Policing Unit – Europe travel report

In December 2023, PC Darren Balkham, Dedicated Football Officer (DFO) of Sussex Police, approached the Fan Advisory Board to ask if they would consult with a small number of Albion fans that had travelled to our away matches in Europe. This was to seek feedback, about their experiences travelling abroad, in a prescribed format.
The feedback was to be in three specific categories: Safety, Security and Service.

The submission from those supporters would then form part of a nationwide report being compiled by the United Kingdom’s Football Policing Unit.

The final report was published this month (February 2024), featuring feedback from fans of nine clubs that have competed in Europe in the past few years. You may have heard it being discussed in the news last week.

The report is being submitted to UEFA and European Police.

You can read a PDF copy of the report by clicking here. It includes the experiences of Leicester fans when they visited AS Roma in 2021/22

Posted on: February 27, 2024