Notes – Meeting 29 January 2024

The FAB discussed the following items

  1. Fan Webinar – Gerry Brown outlined his thoughts on hosting a fan webinar. He and Jo Davis have a meeting with the club on 31 January to discuss timings, publicity content etc. Items for discussion will be polled using X and NSC. A possible date for the webinar will be Wednesday 21 February but this is provisional at this stage.
  2. Items for discussion with the club – items for the agenda for a meeting to be held on Monday 5 February with the club were discussed. Gill Martin agreed to circulate a draft agenda to the club and FAB members. The agenda will centre on building good relationships, overcoming trust issues, recruitment and finding ways to forward the FAB’s strategic objectives.
  3. The FAB have been invited to an FA meeting to discuss Fan Engagement issues. It was decided that Clive Steed will represent the FAB at the event as the Chair, Gill Martin, is unable to attend.
  4. Gill Martin gave a quick update on the DSA launch. An article will be in the Palace programme and at least 30-40 people have shown interest in joining the DSA. The game where the DSA is formally launched is likely to be the Everton game on 24 February but again, this is provisional at this stage.
  5. Jo Davis gave an update on progress made with the Women’s Game strategic objective. She has held initial discussions with Johnny Cantor regarding hosting a Fans Forum and she has also had discussions with Duncan Price from SheGulls. She feels some positive momentum is building.
Posted on: January 30, 2024