Notes from the first Albion FAB Webinar

Notes from first FAB Webinar Monday 18th March

FAB Attending             –           Gill, Gerry, Andy, Jo, Niraj, Nigel, and Clive

FAB Apologies            –           Gill, Charlie, Allison,


We had 23 people register for the FAB webinar. A very encouraging turn out for the first FAB webinar


GERRY was Chairman of the meeting and ran it extremely well, covering all the topics, encouraging input and keeping to time.

CLIVE introduced the FAB members present and explained why we’re here and doing this.


CLIVE discussed the FAB involvement in the Travel Review. NIGEL explained how the travel subsidy remains in place and is something that a proportion of fans don’t actually benefit from (cyclists, regional supporter groups coaches, paying to park)  The travel subsidy is something the club will need to tackle at some stage in the future.

Questioner complains about the provision of transport to women’s away games, and asking the club to consider running coaches to away games.

JO responded that the club have subsidised up to 4 coaches for the last game of the season at Arsenal. She hopes this will show a demand for next season.


ANDY uses the Blues Away Travel Coaches. Seagull Travel and Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters Club also offer coach travel to away games. No specific issues were raised.


NIRAJ explains his circumstance and the creation and launch of the Albion DSA. One attendee, also a wheelchair user, was joining the DSA and its clear the DSA is going to be of great benefit to the Albion fanbase.


NIGEL responds to the question about the lack of communication from the FAB to the fans. We discussed the number of communication channels we already use (X, Podcasts, our website, Albion website, Supporters club meetings, Northstandchat) but we are still conscious that this still fails to reach everyone. How else do fans need us to communicate. For GDPR reasons we are not allowed everyone’s email addresses. It was suggested we challenge that. Action point for the next FAB meeting.

Most of the comms we have now rely on fans looking for our website, pages on the Albion website.


Questions about catering, both food and drinks, were put forward.

The meeting heard that there are people bringing their own food because the quality of the food at the Amex has deteriorated.

The plan for the catering in the Fanzone was discussed and is promised to be more diverse.

JO described that the FAB have raised the issue of having more healthy options but CLIVE advised that the club / Serco are focussed on saleable foodstuffs. 

A serious issue that affects Coeliacs who are are not catered for at the Amex. One caller and his friends don’t drink at the ground because there are no Gluten Free beers available. A question for the FAB to raise at a future Catering sub group meeting, perhaps to get a GF beer from Sussex brewers (Gun or 360) in Dicks Bar or the new Fanzone.


The Fanzone is the new building outside the Albion Superstore. It is designed to accommodate 1000 fans.

The club have received planning permission and have already started clearing the area so work can commence and the new Fanzone be open by the summer.

Question is who will be able to use it? And how much are the FAB getting involved with the shape and look of the place.  GERRY confirms the FAB have been asked for opinion.  The feeling is it’s a great opportunity.

The question was also asked about Disabled Access to the fanzone and NIRAJ confirmed that he has already been asked for his input to the design and access to the new Fanzone. Hidden disabilities will also be taken in to account.  Bench seating is not adequate for wheelchair users for example.


CLIVE   stadium connectivity came up as an issue the FAB had not considered before. Action point for next FAB meeting


Clive encouraged participants to consider getting involved with the next FAB.  With 95 applicants so far, it is set to be an excellent new intake in the summer.

In closing the meeting GERRY thanked everyone for coming, including Paul McMonnies from the EVERTON FAB with whom the Albion FAB have a particularly close working relationship and who have been holding webinars for some time.

Posted on: March 18, 2024