Notes from the FAB meeting Monday May 13th

1) DSA (Disabled Supporters Association) IT – A discussion was had on use of BHAFC IT and it was agreed that DSA would find their own way.

2) Gill will attend the PLEDIS meeting 31st May to assess BHAFC status

3) Gerry – BHAFC Foundation – Gerry visited the new facility in Freshfield Road, Kemptown that is a meeting facility for 30 people with a CafĂ© and we could host events and or meetings their and worth looking at in the future

4) Gill – Chair is proposing to step down and Clive will take over with immediate effect, (applause)

5) WSL BHAFC fans forum online tomorrow night FAB members to push this through our social channels

6) Paul Barber confirmed at SOL Monday evening at Duke of Sussex pub near Waterloo.

7) Irish Seagulls – Clive has a meeting with Irish Seagulls next week to discuss the role of official supporters FAB

8) Recruitment – The election closes this Friday and the FAB to promote via socials

9) Webinar – Gerry to follow up with Harry re setting up a webinar for the official sup[porters clubs and FAB 

10) Email duty next week – Gill

11) Nigel to update NSC and the Website

Posted on: May 13, 2024