Notes from the FAB meeting held on 4th March

Attending         –           Clive, Gerry, Charlie, Jo, Nigel

Apologies        –           Gill, Allison, Andy

1) Fans forum Webinar

Gerry to set up zoom for next week (using zoom),

Fans Webinar set for March 18th

Comms to go out over the next week via X, Forest programme, supporters clubs, NSC etc

Gerry will collate the email registrations on to a spreadsheet along with topics of interest

2) Premier league VAR  meeting

Clive gave a bit of feedback and explained how the VAR survey was being shared.

Clive will report back from PL meeting on Wednesday

3) Meeting up in Rome

Clive will create a WhatsApp group and will try and arrange a FAB meet up

4) Email minder next week

Gerry will monitor the inbox

5) FAB interviews

The agreed face to meetings were discussed in terms of format and purpose. These will be voluntary for candidates and intended to help candidates and existing FAB members gauge suitability. Failure to be able to attend will not preclude shortlisting

6) DSA

Charlie gave a DSA update – traffic in to the new email address  has been extremely encouraging, as has been the buy in from the club

7) Minutes

Nigel agreed to do publish the minutes on the website and northstandchat

Posted on: March 4, 2024