Notes from FAB zoom meeting Monday 11th March

Attending         –           Gill, Gerry, Andy, Jo, and Niraj

Apologies        –           Charlie, Allison, Nigel, and Clive

1) Recruitment

It will be critical to ensure Club complete recruitment process this week to meet 8th and 10th April dates for interviewing prospective candidates. Gill agreed to raise in Chairs/Vice Chairs call with club on 12 March. We agreed that 5 FAB members could make 8th April and 4 could make 10th April which would be sufficient.

2) Fans forum Webinar

Article in Nottingham Forest Programme advertising Fans Webinar planned for March 18th.

Gill agreed to discuss Comms with Club to push event.

FAB agreed to generate interest with supporters’ clubs.

3) Email minder next week

Gerry will monitor the inbox and register interest in Fans Forum

4) Womens’ Game

Jo had a number of issues which she will raise with the Club during the 12th March call. The atmosphere at Crawley and lack of facilities are causing a lack of engagement.

5) Disabled Supporters Association

There are now over 80 fans registered with The launch went well. Work on forming the steering committee will start in April 2024.

6) Roma feedback

Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere who went to the game. Andy reported some negative traffic on social media concerning the stabbing of 2 Albion fans.

7) Minutes

Gill agreed to publish the minutes on the website and send to Nigel for posting on northstandchat

Posted on: March 12, 2024