Notes from FAB section of the Albion Board meeting 16th April 2024

Gill & Clive attended a virtual board meeting on the 16th April. This section of the board meeting over ran the scheduled fifteen minutes by ten minutes

The presentation was shared with the board and is available below.

The board then asked questions about the diversity of the FAB and how we get younger fans engaged generally?

Paul Barber asked us to promote the fan forums to get more fans to listen face to face to what the club have to say (again it was recognised that these are attended primarily by older fans)

Gill asked about fan engagement as part of the club’s strategic plans and the board commented that it was key to their strategy. 

It was agreed that in the next round of FAB recruitment (Spring 2025) a parent or carer position should be created on the FAB to get some younger fan voice on the FAB.

The FAB were asked what challenges we had faced? We shared that setting it up from scratch with limited resources, limited terms of reference and smaller than planned group had been a challenge but one we had relished.

Tony Bloom asked that match day atmosphere should be a key objective of the FAB and should be fan led not club led. He felt that some of the excellent atmospheres that had been generated can help small marginal gains that can help the team and that this should be a priority.

The FAB were thanked for their contribution and it was agreed by all that a face to face meeting would be beneficial next time.

Post meeting FAB review

Generally Gill and Clive were really pleased with the Albion board’s level of interest and engagement. Sarah Gould (BHAFC)  was in the room with Gill and she agreed that it went very well. She was enthused to work with the FAB to help implement some of the ideas raised by the Board.

Hopefully the next FAB will get a face to face invite to the Board and this will encourage more interaction between the FAB and the Board.

Posted on: April 17, 2024