Notes from FAB meeting held on 26 February 2024

Webinar Update – the FAB discussed the best platform to host the fans’ webinar due to be held on 18th March. Gerry took some actions to discuss publicity and zoom licences with the Club.

FAB recruitment – Clive had feedback from some of the official supporters’ clubs. It is hoped that a shortlist of at least 3 people nominated by their supporters’ clubs will be put forward to the public vote. Nigel had sent the application form to the club to be digitalised. Gerry and Andy would follow up with the club this week.

DSA – Gill and Niraj reported back on the successful launch of the DSA at the Everton game. They would hold a meeting with Bryan during the next week to start forming the steering committee. They would also liaise with the Club to check at which WSL game the DSA would be showcased.

New Flag Update – Clive reported that a meeting had been held with the sponsor, the artist designing the flag and interested fans. It is hoped that proposed designs will be presented to the working group on the week commencing 18th March.

WSL – Jo reported back that tickets for the Arsenal away game (together with information on subsided coach travel) will go on sale on Wednesday 28th February. She will also discuss International Women’s’ Day with the club and find out what activities are planned.

Posted on: February 27, 2024