Monday January 15th Meeting Notes


We discussed the perceived disparity on the differing Tiers for the availability of away tickets. This is with a particular focus on those destinations with a low allocation (e.g. Luton, Bournemouth)

Where ticket allocations are small (e.g. Bournemouth, Luton, or small lower league ground on 5th round of the FA Cup) the “bandwidth” on each tier should be narrower.
The Tiers in place for the Luton game meant that some of those on 350-380 points feel aggrieved that they had the same chance of a Luton ticket as someone on 250 points.

ACTION Nigel  to draft an email to the club on this and ask for a response by the end of the month.

ACTION  Jo is meeting Duncan from SheGulls on Sunday 21st January at Broadfield following on from his questionnaire to SheGulls members

ACTION  Jo to respond to the email from Jenny regarding the actions being taken by the new WSL Team marketing person “Heather”

ACTION  Jerry to follow up potential for a webinar and specifically to use the FAB Teams account as a medium. Action after January 22nd.  Also to ask the club for their help to promote the webinar.

ACTION  The new Albion Disabled Supporters Association (DSA)  is on course to be launched in March. They have an email address to enable people to contact them, and they have been “inundated” with responses so far. Email:              

ACTION  FAB to revisit the proposed agenda for our next club meeting on February 5th Specifically to ensure that 2024 new FAB recruitment is high on the agenda.

ACTION  Jo  to manage the FAB inbox for the next week

ACTION  Nigel to update the FAB website with these notes

ACTION  Nigel to update NSC FAB thread with these notes

Posted on: January 15, 2024