Europa League Ticketing meeting

The FAB are holding meetings the first week of August with the club and the FSA regarding plans for our first venture in to Europe. Through consultation with fans we have drawn up the following list of questions to which we will attach details of answers or discussions as they are agreed:

European Away games

Will the club use the same loyalty points system as they do for PL away games?

Would it be possible to provide all supporters with a scale of where they are in terms of loyalty points, prior to the draw for the group stages. (i.e. 500+ points  4% 400-500 5% 300-400 31%….etc) 

Will there be travel + ticket packages?

Are Seagull Travel the official exclusive travel partner?

Can you confirm fans will be able to buy match tickets but travel independently?

If so, will these give travelling fans access to match tickets aside from loyalty points?

We know we only get 5% ticket allocation in Europe.

Will players tickets, club staff tickets and sponsors tickets come out of this 5%?

Knowing that demand will out strip supply, will the club automatically agree to take on the full allocation?

Would a fan be able to buy tickets for all three away games in a package if they have the qualifying loyalty points?

We understand that many other PL clubs, who regularly play in Europe, only allow tickets to be collected at the away ground by the ticket holder with ID. Is that something you plan to do?

Are the club making any provision for Albion fans who travel without tickets?

What provisions the club are making (if any) for those fans with disabilities (ambulant and physical/wheelchair users etc.)?

Will there be a ticket exchange for fans who find themselves unable to travel after having secured a ticket?

We understand that the away allocation is 5%  Is this flexible? If, for example, we draw Ajax, might they let us have a higher allocation as they have a huge stadium that rarely sells out, and they might agree to a reciprocal arrangement.

What do you think about holding back a small number of pairs of tickets for fans who don’t qualify through loyalty points to “win” in a lottery?

Are there any plans to beam back the UEFA games to the Amex?

Will fans early loyalty points for attending these away games?

European Home games

Will fans buying home tickets for European games be prioritised as for FA Cup games?  (i.e. Season tickets, Season ticket guests, Albion member+ etc)

Will 1901 members have their seat included in the price they currently pay?  If not, will they get first choice to buy their usual seat?

Will fans be able to buy tickets for all three home games at the same time (like a mini season ticket)?

What will pricing be for Euro home games?  Same as PL Cat A, Cat B, etc ?

Will Euro ticket prices include travel ?

How will you ensure away fans are not able to get tickets in the home seats?

Will away fans be able to buy corporate hospitality and gain access that way?

For Europa League Games, is the stadium handed over to UEFA in the same way it was for the Euros?  (e.g. Euro signage, and only Heineken beers)  Will they also require the first few rows of the stands with advertising to be blocked off so restricting attendance?

Are the club making any provision for visiting fans who travel without tickets?

Sometime ago there was mention that in the event of European football that the entire 1901 West Stand Middle shelf would be handed over to UEFA for their exclusive use. If this is still the case, what provision for the 1901 members who use that area will be made regarding buying tickets?

Posted on: July 28, 2023