Disabled Supporters Association Official Launch

Bryan Martin, Guy Butters, Gill Martin and Niraj Haria discussing the launch of the DSA. Guy Butters, a former professional at the club has agreed to be an ambassador for the DSA.

The FAB officially launched the new Disabled Supporter’s Association (DSA) at the Everton match on Saturday 24th February 2024. This coincided with Level Playing Field’s Unite for Action campaign. Over 70 supporters have already signed up to be part of the Seagulls DSA. The launch was successful with reports on social media and the club’s main news pages.

Bryan and Gill meeting some young footballers at the Foundation’s training session at Falmer

We feel that the setting up of a DSA at the Albion will help represent the interests of disabled supporters and their personal assistants relating to stadium access, ticketing, pitch view, parking, stadium facilities and other matters relating to disabled supporters. This can be achieved by the DSA focusing on some key areas:

•              Enhancing the match day experience of all supporters with disabilities and their personal assistants at both The Amex, the home ground of the women’s team and away grounds. The main aim of a DSA is to help create an accessible and welcoming environment at football clubs which enables disabled people to take their rightful places alongside other fans.

•              Encourage disabled supporters and carers to travel to away games by providing information and support where available.

•              Establish links with other Associations for the benefit of all disabled supporters and their personal assistants.

•              Creating a social network. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to feel part of a wider group of supporters.

•              Represent disabled supporters of the Albion both at home and away.

Please email seagulls.dsa@gmail.com  if you would like to join Seagulls DSA.

Posted on: February 20, 2024